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Follow Your Heart
  • Your choices are yours, not theirs.
  • Your mistakes will be yours, not theirs.
  • The mistakes that may arise from their choices for you will affect you, not them.
  • If it turns out bad, they’ll forget they said something and remember you did something.
  • If it turns out good, they’ll remember they said something and forget you did something.

To sum it all up, if you are going to make mistakes and live with them, they might be better coped with if they are your mistakes.

Disclaimer: Please, the above points do not imply that advice should not be sought for if and when needed. You have to justify your reasons for the decision(s) you make, weigh the benefits and losses of your decision(s), always do things for the right reason(s) and above all, pray about your decisions! All will work out, you’ll see. GOOD LUCK!

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