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Ha! I’m not talking about books. I’m talking about people. Yes! you and me. Do you know that people are and should be read just like books? Even more often than books for two simple logical reasons:

  • Books, while somewhat static have to be read over and again in order to be grasped.
  • Human beings are dynamic. As a result, what you have read and understood today will most likely be invalid tomorrow.

I have subconsciously developed the habit of doing so, and to some extent, I dare say I do pretty good (I think) and maybe, just maybe I’m quick to conclude sometimes.

No, it doesn’t necessarily prevent me from getting into trouble still. It’s just a pretty darn interesting exercise.

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2 Replies to “Reading (Studying)”

  1. Reading gives knowledge,
    knowledge is power,
    power corrupts,
    corruption is a crime,
    and crime doesn’t pay…
    so if you keep reading, you’ll go broke!

  2. Are you for real?? Clearly, this is not an “Ese”. Reveal yourself and where you got your *crooked* 🙂 idea from please..

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