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Path to Happiness

We fight so hard for the same things, which include money, power, fame, etc. When these have been achieved, we clamor for more… we simply cannot get enough; we cannot understand why happiness seems so far away even when all the items on our checklists (the right schools, the right jobs, the right families and friends, etc.) have been ticked.

The path to happiness, though straight-looking (remember the checklist thing?), is the most crooked path that may exist, because the moment you come to the end of the path to your happiness, you realize there’s just yet another even longer path, with many more potholes.

It is clear logic that happiness cannot be fully attained for the simple reason that, if at all we achieve happiness, we want to achieve more and unfortunately, happiness is one of those things that cannot be measured that way; you are either happy or not! For example, we may conclude that one person seems happier than another at a given time, but the fact remains that they may both be happy; one may be happy and the other may not be; or both may not be happy. There’s no particular way to measure if any of them is happier than the other.

Were there a straight path to happiness, at least one person would have found it! Philosophers, psychologists, behaviourists, etc. have all searched for this straight path, but have ended up drawing conclusions such as “happiness is a state of mind”. This and many other things we observe around us have proven that happiness cannot be fully attained, but we cannot but keep trying to locate this rather non-existent path… who knows, someone may eventually find it!

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  1. The reward is the journey, not really the destination. Just as you need darkness to appreciate/see light, and need rain to appreciate sun, so also we need unhappiness to really appreciate happiness.

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