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I have had to do a complete move between hosting providers a couple of times; both experiences were different.

In this post, I’m going to attempt to share the different methods I used and hopefully, it will come in handy for someone (and maybe me 🙂 ) at some point.

What You Need to Move:

  1. The website files
  2. The database(s) – if applicable
  3. The email accounts – if applicable

For both methods, you need to create the account(s) to be moved, on the new server. See specific steps below:

Method 1:

Step 1: Login to the new WHM and create cPanel account(s) for the site to be moved on new server

  • If possible, maintain the same credentials as current server. It will make your life easier, I promise!
  • Also ensure you check the option, Use domain nameservers specified at registrar

Step 2: Edit DNS Zone of the new accounts

  • You may encounter DNS issues if you miss this step

Step 3: Log into the current cPanel and generate backups for the following:

  • Home
  • Database
  • Email Forwarders


Step 4: Restore backups to new server

  • Home
  • Database
  • Email Forwarders

Step 5: Confirm upload was successful

  • Go to the file manager of the new server and confirm files exist

Step 6: Create database user (maintain same credentials if possible) and add to the database

  • If database user details differ from current, edit the necessary config files to reflect new details

You may now proceed to test on the new server using the shared IP.

Note that some features may not work for CMS sites such as WordPress when testing with IP. This is because the full web address (domain name) is configured in the database. If you want to be double sure, you can modify the options in the new database to reflect the IP being used to test rather than the domain name. Ensure you revert to the domain name when done.

Ask your client/others to browse the website and ensure everything is fine.

Voila! You are back in business 😀 You can now point your name servers to the new server.

Method 2:

This method was born out of the fact that some things are just pure witchcraft lol!

A few months earlier, I moved almost 20 websites seamlessly using method 1 above. Fast forward to a few months after, I had to move some more sites to the same provider but a different server – method 1 just wouldn’t work. I spent 2 good days trying to figure… no show. I was spent.

Then… I saw a light ( 😀 ) and the rest is history.

Step 1: Repeat steps 1 and 2 in method 1 (sorry, re-typing or repeating the info here happens to be an overkill for me right now)

Step 2: Compress or zip the folders that need to be moved to the new server. They are:

  • Content of the public_html folder
  • Content of the
  • Export

Step 3: Export the database

Step 4: Sign up on

Step 5: Add the old and new servers (please label properly when adding for easy identification)

  • The new server will be connected via IP (since the old server will be connected via domain name)

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