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Heart of Gold

Yup! You read right. They are humans and they have got golden hearts! I’ve met them; benefited from their extremely kind nature. Amidst the evil and and wickedness all around us, they still make goodness feel trendy.

Personally, I would be honest and say I’m not naturally one with a heart of gold, but I am an aspirant (albeit with so much effort), bearing in mind that for them, it’s innate.

What do I mean by a heart of gold? I’m simply going to summarize a few points below to describe this:

  • When giving, they are not thinking of what they will be receiving in turn.
  • When you weigh the crap they take from you, you realize you can’t even take them from yourself, let alone from others.
  • They neither hold on to wrongs against them, nor give up on the world and all the evil in it. They are truly our hope on Earth.
  • Their kind deeds sometimes backfire, but that never stops them. If anything, it propels them to do more (… Talk about Divine gift right?).

Familiar? I thought so. The summary above is by no means conclusive and I am convinced that at some point, we run into them and they always always impact our lives. Alas! we (aspirants) can only but keep struggling to get to this point of :grin: NATURAL GOLDEN :grin: heart. God bless them and God help us :)

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