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Mummy and Daddy

Death snatched you. God permitted it. I accept it.

The pain of missing you, I understand will last for as long as I live. I guess it’s the price I’ll have to pay for having the privilege to encounter an angel on earth. Day after day, I remember some of the last moments we shared – casual moments, which I never really knew were some of the last. It hurts.

You were so effective in this broken world, I only imagine what you will be like in Heaven.

“Mammmyyyy” as I would fondly call you, you are special. You and daddy are a special pair; the lives you touched, the love you gave (humans with hearts of gold). I will always cherish the fond memories and draw strength from them in my lowest moments.

14 April, 2018. My most dreadful day yet…

I miss you dearly – what I would give to have just one moment with you… but I am very certain that you both have successfully accomplished God’s assignments here on earth. May He grant you both (Catherine Augoye and Charles Augoye) eternal rest and may His perpetual light shine on you both until we meet again in glory. Amen.

Song Dedication: Thank you for giving to the Lord – Ray Boltz

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