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Save Me From Myself

It’s easy and convenient, even soothing, to look scornfully and critically at the world and recount the many ways in which you have been hurt by people, experiences, in fact everything! But what about the many ways in which you have hurt yourself (and probably still do)?

The danger in self-hurt is that it is hardly ever recognized, acknowledged and addressed. It’s easier to blame others when things go wrong. Truth is, yes, there are several things which we do not have control over; but there are also so many things which we have some control over but fail to take up  responsibilities. Self-hurt sometimes creeps in, in the form of self-defense which I sometimes refer to as self-“egging”. I define self-egging as a situation where an individual feels unhealthily entitled, therefore, when the individual feels denied of expected entitlements, he/she indulges in self-pity and plays the victim card. I think also, that at one point in time or another, we are all guilty of self-egging.

So, here I am saying please; biko; ejos’il vous plaitpor favor; stop blaming others and take more responsibility for stuff going on around you. Outside the fact that you get an objective picture of things, you also get to live righter!

Thank you. :grin:

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